Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chapter 2: UML Representation of Object-Oriented Concepts

We have finally reached our second station in the journey through the Java world. This chapter will talk mainly about the UML reperesentation of various OO concepts. To start, we will look at the basic points covered in this part of the SCJA exam.

As mentioned on Sun MicroSystems website this part of the exam covers the following points:
  1. Recognize the UML representation of classes, (including attributes and operations, abstract classes, and interfaces), the UML representation of inheritance (both implementation and interface), and the UML representation of class member visibility modifiers (-/private and +/public).
  2. Recognize the UML representation of class associations, compositions, association multiplicity indicators, and association navigation indicators.

As usual we will detail every point in a separate section of the chapter. So let's go :).

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